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Earnings And Results Disclaimer For This Write Winning Proposals Site

This disclaimer is easy to read and grasp. Proposal writers and grant seekers helped by this web site will find it makes total sense. You'll find no big words that are hard to understand!

This site offers both free information and paid resources on proposal writing. This disclaimer concerns the results you can expect by using the information you can find here.

What We Do For You

In a nutshell, we offer information that helps you to write winning proposals whether for business or grants. This information falls into these categories:

  1. Various free resources throughout the site
  2. The training course called Write Winning Proposals
  3. Recommended resources, such as the Proposal Kit
  4. Recommended background reading

The idea is for aspiring proposal writers to use this information to become better at writing proposals.

What We Do NOT Do

Production of the training material is something we have tight control over. We can make it pedagogically sound. We can also make solid recommendations based on our experience.

But that's all we can do. Here is what we can NOT do:

Make sense? If you have any questions at all about this earnings and results disclaimer, please contact us.

Proposal Writing Guide
Expert Tip For November 18, 2017
Ensure that your proposal is neatly typed, readable and professional looking. If it's sloppy and barely readable, you won't come across as the professional you want to project.
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