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How To Write A Proposal
That's A Winner Every Time

Have you ever dreamed of how to write a proposal that you just knew was a winner? And you "just knew" because of your skill, not because of wishing it were so, or hoping for the best?

And did you know that you can easily acquire the same expert skills that experienced proposal writers use? Learn more.

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You can sharpen your ability to write winning proposals by using our expert tools, made super effective by the one-on-one sessions included.

We offer an inexpensive toolkit that helps you master the same proposal-writing techniques that countless commercial organizations and non-profits of all sizes have used repeatedly to win business bids and government grants.

The proposal writing toolkit
Use the Write Winning Proposals Toolkit to craft your next proposal.

Who can benefit from our proposal writing tools? YOU can! This site is for you if you want to write winning proposals for just about any reason at all.

  • Manufacturers Preparing Equipment Bids
  • Entrepreneurs Starting Up Businesses
  • Executives Making Recommendations
  • Professionals Offering Their Services
  • Lobbyists Promoting Their Causes
  • Researchers Applying For Funding
  • Writers Preparing Book Proposals

Our toolkit elaborates extensively on materials we obtained through an official technology transfer program of the U.S. Department of Energy, but you don't have to be from the U.S. to benefit. It's open to anyone. No matter where in the world you are, our toolkit will help you write a winner.

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An Expert Tip
For April 18, 2015
Say, "This project will..." Avoid saying, " This project could..." In other words, write your proposal in a positive tone.

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